In 1994, in a little town called Capaccio, at a little distance from Paestum Walls, an old Greek colony, whose impressive Doric Temples we can admire still today, the laboratory of handmade pasta ‘La Casereccia’ was born, a little firm managed by Maffia family.

The young master called Angelo Maffia, helped by his mother, realized tasteful creations every day, according to the family tradition, that made the firm successful and famous.

Today ‘La Casereccia’ pasta factory represents a strong reality because of fervid work and constant seriousness of its young manager Gennaro Di Marco too, who has made the cycle of production more modern and dynamic keeping intact naturalness and the typical quality of the handmade tradition.

‘La Casereccia’ pasta factory is, then, an innovative firm according to the tradition, intentioned to offer its customers high quality products deriving from Italian cooking culture.